Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions:


  1. For Jet Set” from here referred to as “Company” to deliver the required service access to the property is required.
  2. The service time is listed on the service agreement and if the Company has to wait “15min” to obtain access then this time needs to be deducted from the service time to ensure all clients scheduled receive their due service for the day.
  3. The Company Operate with petrol equipment and we keep spare electrical equipment on hand in case of a break down. In the event that one of our machines break we will have to revert to electrical equipment and for this we require an electrical outlet to be available.
  4. Services listed and the explanation of these services:
    • General Grass and edge cutting: all lawn areas in the yard and in front of the yard will be cut to the length and not lower than what the lawn mower is capable of cutting. Edges of the lawn will be cut in a horizontal and vertical manner, at the clients wished vertical or horizontal cutting can be suspended from time to time to allow for fuller lawns or stop reseeding lawns.
    • Removal of Decaying Leafs: The pavement areas will be blown with a blower and or swept with a broom at the discretion of the Forman, all leafs will be raked and collected from pavements and lawn and flower beds. Unless client wishes to use such leafs for compost in the flower beds.
    • Cultivating and Aerating Soil: flower beds will be turned for promotion of air in the soil and also enable us to properly remove weeds and unwanted vegetation.
    • Prune Shape and Trim: pruning will include any wall creepers and the new seeds and or shoots that protrudes from the wall to have a need and tide appearance, all conifers will be trimmed in their respective shape be it square or round. Trees will be pruned at the bottom, this includes the new shoots from the bottom of the tree and keeping the branches at a length not lower than that of a door +- 2m from ground to give the clients ease of access.
    • Gutter Cleaning: This service is not listed on the service level agreement but is scheduled on the companies discretion. Requests can be submitted.
    • Removal of Rubble: We will remove all rubble that was generated by the Company, in the event that the client does some pruning we will remove the pruned material if it doesn’t exceed a black bag full of material and only if it is organic garden material.
  5. Any trees that are higher than 3 meters fall out of the scope of pruning and forms part of tree felling and tree pruning service, this is done on request of a separate quote.
  6. Any problem” Pests, Weeds, Termites” that is observed by the Company will be compiled in a quote and emailed to the relevant contact person as listed in the service agreement. No Obligation to accept but this serves to inform.
  7. Please note that for Health and safety reasons we cannot allow our staff to work if there is Lightning or Hale or Heavy down pour. This is seen as an act of God and services will resume the following week.
  8. The Company is a garden services company and cannot while servicing the garden do any domestic tasks or wash any cars.
  9. The company and their contractors enter your residence at your own risk, As the company will take all measures possible to ensure the safety and well being of property and or residence, the company and their staff cannot be held liable for any damages that may or may not be incurred during normal service. Thus the client undertakes to not hold the company or there staff liable for any damages and or death. Unless the incident was malicious.
  10. After servicing the garden, the Forman are instructed from time to time to take photos of the garden area and send it through to the office for quality control. These pictures will never have an address attached to them and we will under no circumstances send these photos to anyone other than the registered client of this agreement.
  11. If bee’s are present in any area then services will halt in that area until the bees have been removed. Bee’s have been put on the endangered species list and WE WILL NOT KILL BEE’S. We do how ever have contact details of a company that removes bees the correct way and places them on in save areas.



  1. *Once the quote is accepted a Pro Rata payment has to be made for the month in question. There after Weekly Maintenance payments are in advance for the next month’s service and needs to be completed by the 27th. If payment has not been received by the 27th, services will stop until full payment is received. For any arrangements please contact the accounts on 0123292255. *
  2. The client need to use their street name and address for the reference of payments. i.e. {395 24th Ave}
  3. There is a premium increase every February and news letters will be emailed to your email address not later than 90 days to reflect this change to the email address on the service agreement. It remains the responsibility of the client to ensure details be kept up to date. Any changes can be sent to the contact details on our contact us page.
  4. Payment will differ in the December holiday months. Payments for December needs to reach us before the 1st of December of the current year and payments for January needs to be completed before closing date for the December Holiday. Please check our website as all dates is posted in advance for your convenience.
  5. Any Premiums not paid on the agreed date will be liable to a 5% admin charge. Please ensure that the arrangement is in place with the office at your earliest convenience.



  1. This service agreement will run for a set time and after the set time run on a month to month basis. The length of the fixed time will be listed on the agreement.

To cancel the agreement one calendar months’ notice has to be supplied in writing to the companies office’s via Email and or Fax and or in person.